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Live Here

New Home Next Door to Your New Job

The Mioni Startup Campus will be built and equipped according to your company’s needs, but don’t forget about yourself.

You and your family can get a new home close to the campus and downtown Imatra. You can choose between sharing an apartment and renting your own. Rental rates start at from about 319€ a month.


Fully Furnished Apartments

We offer apartments located just over half a mile from the coworking space. The apartments are ready to live in, were built in the 2000s and have all of the furniture and home appliances to make you feel comfortable as soon as you move in.


The Exceptional Nature of Finland and Finns

As the greatest lake in Finland, the waves of Saimaa connect locals to nature as well as the people to each other.

The surrounding nature leaves one speechless — well, go ahead and try to make small talk with locals. Of course, Finns do speak, but skip all nonsense. Once you get to know one, you’ll notice that they are the most warm, honest and reliable people one can ever encounter.



For a city with just 30,000 people, Imatra offers surprisingly much. By embracing stunning lakes, rivers and forests, you’ll become an outdoor person if you aren’t one already. Or stay indoors and enjoy theatre, museums, restaurants or whatever cultural etravaganza is up next. And, as in the whole of Finland, healthcare and the education of children are free for every inhabitant.


Explore the Area

You’ll notice that it doesn’t take long to get far.


Many great ideas and inventions were originally met with laughter. Luckily, we have no sense of humor.