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Individuality and cooperation
– sometimes unexpected

In Mioni Industrial Park, you do not have to do everything yourself. We offer tailored building, financing and property maintenance services. Flexibility is one of our greatest assets. Your building plan can be modified over the course of years to adapt it to particular circumstances. Our main goal is to create an environment in which companies can grow without extra pressure on returns. You will have much more than just a plot of land.

In our extensive networks, you may find unexpected new partners. We work in close cooperation with companies as well as educational and research institutes. Our complete, free-of-charge cooperation models create opportunities. The services are provided by the city of Imatra’s building company Mitra and the development company Kehy. Tell us what you need and we will tell you how to get it.

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Smart facilities can be built
quickly or slowly

Once we have found a suitable plot for you, we will build everything tailored to your wishes: offices, manufacturing facilities and halls. The planned building schedule can be adapted to the needs of your business over the course of several years. It is a healthy, dynamic plan. We choose sustainable options for building and energy solutions. In addition to protecting the environment, you achieve direct savings on operating expenses.

Built and tailored for you

Ideas from the education
and research cluster

In the very core of awarded research and innovation activities, you will draw from fresh knowledge and insight. The higher education institutes in the region, LUT and Saimia, provide advanced opportunities with their people and ideas. If you need research, projects or human resources, we will help you find partners for collaboration. How can the educational and research institutes benefit you? Check this out.

See how you can benefit from cooperation

You are here. And there.

Midway between two metropolises, with a railway running from the plot all the way to China and only 30 minutes away from an international airport – Mioni Industrial Park is not only located in Imatra; it is located everywhere.

M - Mioni Industrial Park

Be a part of an inter-company collaboration

The Imatra region constitutes the world’s largest cluster of renewable forest industry and a significant hub of the metal industry. Our networks provide unique opportunities for cooperation between different industries. We create multiple ways for companies to generate synergy and develop together.

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Human resources from schools,
tailored to your needs

There is a broad range of competence and expertise in the region in the fields of industry, trade and technology alike. Each year, the higher education institutes LUT and Saimia produce more than a thousand new graduates, packed with knowledge and skills. You can have a say in what they learn. That is, the content of education can be adapted to the needs of business life. In addition, we offer tailored education and recruitment services to those chosen by you.

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