Sijainti - Mioni Industrial Park
Opportunities at the EU–Russian border.
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Midway between two metropolises

There are more than 10 million people living within 300 kilometres of Mioni. Between Helsinki and St Petersburg, at the EU–Russian border, you can look either way, both ways, or even further. A railway branch starting from the plot enables access to eastern and Asian trade. There is also a main road running adjacent to the area. An international airport is less than 30 minutes away.

This means that you have easy access to the markets and buyers, while your total costs related to building, rents and personnel are considerably lower compared with the Helsinki metropolitan area. Not to mention the cost of your living.

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Sustainability promotes growth

On a global scale, our region is a forerunner in sustainable development. Companies representing a swiftly growing industry have a very favorable growth outlook, and we provide active, collaboration-oriented networks to promote growth.

In the Mioni Industrial Park, you can get in the middle of the planet’s largest renewable forest industry hub and a strong metal industry cluster. You can also draw ideas from the academic world. The awarded LUT Green Campus and Greenreality Network operate in the very core of circular economy as well as energy and environmental technology-related research, education and innovation.

Reasons why you will thrive in Mioni

Opportunities in the east

The border crossing is less than ten kilometers away from the industrial park. The development of the railway network and the new triangular track further improve the efficiency of rail transport to the east. A plot in Pelkola close to the border includes a railway branch that provides rail access all the way to China. This means that the area provides unique opportunities for cross-border trade.

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N - Mioni Industrial Park

Excellent connections to Europe
and other parts of Finland

What is your choice? There is a railway branch starting right from the plot, and a passenger railway station is only a few kilometers away. Highway 6 runs right past Mioni. The services of Lappeenranta international airport are only 40 kilometers away.

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You are here. And there.

Midway between two metropolises, with a railway running from the plot all the way to China and only 30 minutes away from an international airport – Mioni Industrial Park is not only located in Imatra; it is located everywhere.

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