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A dynamic plan is a healthy plan

Before you start building on your plot in Mioni Industrial Park, we develop a long-term growth plan with you that is tailored to respond to changing market conditions. The plan, looking far into the future, adapts to the spinning of the world. Your buildings are fixed but the building plans are flexible.

However, the building schedule is just a taster of the plan. We can train and recruit people for you and help to arrange financing. If you wish, we can bore right into the core, sparring business ideas and improving the efficiency of product development.

This sounds like a rather extensive service concept, doesn’t it? In Mioni Industrial Park, you will be supported by a dense network of municipalities, companies, universities and schools with synergies as their driving power. Here, you do not have to do everything yourself.

Would you like to discuss further how to grow and develop through cooperation?

Step right into the future. You can do it today.

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Jumper cables for companies

For startups, standing out from others is critical, and they start out with very different resources. Therefore, our services are flexible to suit everyone – including the methods of financing as well as plots and premises. Actually, there is only one thing that is the same for all: our network of experts is always equally dense. Regardless of whether you are just launching your business or expanding it, impartial and enlightened opinions are available to make your choices easier. What do you expect from your facilities? You can contact us without any detailed plans. Let’s discuss and plan together.

Increased cooperation speeds things up

You do not have to know anyone, because we know everyone. We know the companies in the region, identify potential collaboration partners and know how to open doors. An active and networked growth platform for companies and their innovations is developing at Mioni. Here you do not have to do everything yourself. Welcome to join us!

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    The latest research data
    to support you

    When you are processing your business idea or want to speed it up, we can provide support with the help of higher education institutes and their research units.

    Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences can provide you with fresh knowledge and competent people. Researchers and students can benefit your company by carrying out commissioned research projects or practical exercises, writing theses or carrying out other tailored projects.

    High technology and research results representing a number of different fields are within your reach, such as the measuring equipment on the Skinnarila campus and the analysis services in Lappeenranta. The University of Technology focuses on laser technology and 3D printing, as well as steel structures, sustainability science and chemical, energy and packaging technology.

    In this text, it is not possible to describe the opportunities that could be suitable exactly for you. We will discuss suitable ideas together after hearing your own thoughts and ideas. So do not hesitate to contact us.

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    We recruit and educate with you

    The saying goes that it is difficult to find skilled personnel. This may be true somewhere. However, Mioni Industrial Park provides you with full-scale recruitment and training services as well as multiple options for cooperation.

    Each year, your company can choose from thousands of fresh graduates and more experienced alumni from Lappeenranta University of Technology, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and other schools, equipped with state-of-the-art competence and the latest research knowledge.

    Our partner, Saranen Consulting, screens suitable candidates for you and arranges tailored training so that you can expand your business.

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