Carbon Neutral Business Park CNBP

There will be industry and business buildings built in the area of Korvenkanta, Imatra. The area will function as an energy efficient entity with renewable energy sources. The CNBP project will focus on market analysis, preliminary system planning and profitability assessment, as well as the business innovation of the park.

City planning is an important tool in order to solve the CO2 emissions within cities. CO2 emission reductions can be achieved by structural planning of the buildings so that the renewable energy systems, such as heat pumps, solar photovoltaic panels and storage solutions, are used as the basis of the planning process. The carbon neutral operation of the park adds value to the companies occupying the buildings by offering them lower operating costs due to the energy efficiency as well as imago advantage. 

In collaboration with: Mitra, Etelä-Karjalan liitto, LUT.

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