Mioni applies concept construction to provide faster access to less expensive and more eco-friendly premises

Concept construction guarantees an agile building process but does not exclude tailoring. A good ground plan is also flexible with future changes.

Lassi Nurmi, Managing Director of Mitra Imatran Rakennuttaja, describes concept construction at Mioni Industrial Park: “With our sustainable construction concept, we can promise our customers that their business premises and manufacturing facilities will be completely tailored to their wishes, with a faster delivery at a lower cost.”

When you begin the planning phase one step ahead, the topping out ceremony comes sooner than you can imagine. You can have a quick launch of your business in brand new premises without compromising on quality.

Modern eco-friendly premises

Environmental safety is the core promise of the concept. Carbon-neutral Mioni makes sustainable choices related to construction, materials and energy solutions. “Companies who come here will benefit from environmental safety as brand capital. It provides a competitive edge in many fields of business. In the near future, its importance will continue to increase,” Nurmi insists.

In addition to environmental safety, the concept is also safe for the budget. “Because of a refined plan and a repeated process, savings are incurred from optimized construction,” Nurmi points out. “We can efficiently minimize the amount of waste material and avoid impractical solutions.”

The concept continuously develops further through smart learning and the use of the latest innovations. “By refining the same base with better solutions, we will always be in the vanguard of sustainable property development,” Nurmi says contently.

Tailored for the customer, flexibility for future changes

The yards, offices, manufacturing facilities and warehouses are all scaled to suit the customer. The building materials, building service technology and energy solutions are always the same, which is why we can specify the cost right at the beginning. Nurmi explains that individual solutions to meet customers’ needs can be efficiently included in the plan. “A good concept can be easily multiplied and varied to match even the wildest visions.”

Modular construction ensures that additional space is easy to add to any building if required by future growth. On the other hand, it is also possible to scale down. “Within the industrial park, we can easily arrange suitable premises even when the change is considerable,” Nurmi continues, describing the advantages of the area.

Whether your plans are ready or not, you can always have an easy start

All you need is to contact us. “You can come to us with complete plans or budding ideas just the same. We will swiftly put the wheels in motion. We are known for our broad shoulders and comprehensive partnership. At Mioni, you are not just getting premises but a full network of partners for growth and development,” Nurmi notes. 

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