The support of a strong network brought Tetra Pak to Imatra

Tetra Pak built a factory in Imatra in 2011 and started production in January 2012. Today, it employs approximately 50 people. Tetra Pak makes carton based packages specifically designed for liquid foodstuffs. For instance, the majority of milk cartons sold by the major Finnish dairy company in Finland are produced in Imatra.

For Tetra Pak, the most important factors in favor of choosing Imatra were the location near an important material supplier and a strong, rapidly responding collaboration network. “Kehy and Mitra have supported us closely with the launch and development of our business. And the cooperation did not end when we received the keys – we still meet regularly,” explains Tetra Pak’s factory manager Tommy Kjellberg, who is very pleased with the collaboration.

An amazingly quick start

“The process started quickly, and we found a suitable existing manufacturing building which Mitra tailored to suit our business,” Kjellberg continues. “After starting production, we quickly received assistance with our changing needs. The expansion of the warehouse and office premises went very flexibly.”

“Even though almost all the personnel were recruited as new employees and trained, we were able to get started quickly. It was easy to find motivated personnel in the area,” Mr Kjellberg says.

A strong local network provides support

In addition to the large forest industry partners close by, the extensive service network also helps to establish successful business. “The logistical advantage was one of the main reasons for Tetra Pak establishing business in Imatra. Efficient cooperation with Kehy from the very beginning in matters such as establishing a partner network helped us greatly in getting started,” Mr Kjellberg explains. “Our most important partner and local service companies are not far away. This guarantees quick availability of any wearing parts in manufacturing, whenever a need arises.”

“We have received excellent support from the City of Imatra, Kehy and Mitra. We know where to turn to in needs related to premises, human resources or further development of our business,” Kjellberg concludes.

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