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It is not only business that grows in a green environment.

The critical question: what is the Imatra area like as a home for you and your family, not only your business? Currently, business activity continues to grow, particularly driven by sustainable circular economy innovation. We are a globally important cluster of green economy.

Regardless of which industry or business you represent, here you will find facilities as well as partners to carry out your plan. In addition, the region offers unique growth potential at the EU–Russian border. And the railway runs from the plot all the way to China.

What about the softer engines? Tourism is continuously increasing: the nature and services in the Saimaa area really make the region worth visiting. Think if you could permanently live near such wonderful nature.

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Buzzing business life

Remarkable investments have been made in the forestry and bioeconomy sector in the region. Demand for pulp is increasing sharply, particularly in the Asian markets. Demand for package materials is also developing positively.

The strong South Karelian forest industry sector boosts the development of bio- and circular economy, and vice versa. The environmental and energy sectors have also become stronger. The closeness of Russia creates additional potential for the service and tourism industries. Therefore, South Karelian companies are increasing both their net sales and personnel quite heavily

A major Finnish tourism brand

The great experiences offered by the Finnish Lakeland attract more and more tourists to the region. The Saimaa area has the potential to become one of Finland’s most famous tourism brands. In addition to Russians, Asians come to the area in increasing numbers to enjoy the blue lakes and pine-scented ridges. This is no coincidence – the region has invested and continuously invests in tourism marketing. The Visit Saimaa and goSaimaa service brands engage in seamless cooperation with market local tourist attractions. For instance, the recently expanded Imatra Spa as well as Ukonniemi and the Holiday Club environment offer many great experiences. Relax, exercise or go to the woods!

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    An internationally important cluster of green economy

    South Karelia constitutes the world’s largest cluster of renewable forest industry. With good reason, our region can call itself a pioneer of sustainable development on a global scale.

    For instance, UPM and Stora Enso concentrate their forestry research in South Karelia. The Greenreality Network consists of a group of companies representing environmental and energy industries, developing new solutions for climate protection and circular economy. The region is also the home of a significant research and business cluster for energy-efficient motors and power transmission systems.

    We also pave the way for a cleaner future in the academic world. The awarded Green Campus of Lappeenranta University of Technology works in close cooperation with companies in the region. The work reaches the very core of circular economy as well as research, education and innovation related to energy and environmental technology. The education of future experts can be adapted to match the needs of companies in the Mioni Industrial Park.

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    Quality of living for the entire family

    In addition to wonderful nature, this area offers much more. Imatra is an active and dynamic culture town. It provides an excellent environment for living, and housing is less expensive than in the Helsinki region – to put it mildly. It is easy to go anywhere, on foot, bike or even skis. There is an incredible variety of leisure activities to choose from.

    The region really invests in children’s learning. For example, Finland’s largest school made of wood is being built in Imatra. In addition to basic education, the new school will host day care centers, an upper secondary school, a child health clinic and a community college.

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