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Tailored premises? Exactly.

At Mioni, you can focus on all the essentials at once. You will be amazed how quickly you have everything you need to establish and expand your business. We can also flexibly adapt to the schedule that is the wisest for your company when situations change. Energy efficiency and smart solutions guide everything we do. This, of course, means saving your company’s maintenance costs.

At Mioni, you do not have to seal the building schedule for all of your premises at once – we know that it is impossible to predict the future. The building schedule adapts to the needs of your business. We take into account your growth targets up to 10 years into the future. This means that we offer exceptional flexibility. The size of your premises and plot can be scaled up or down as necessary.

How does a building project at Mioni progress? First, we analyze the potential of your business. Next, we prepare a growth plan and offer you a competitive financing solution. Then we rent a suitable plot. After this, it is time to start building. We build offices, manufacturing premises and warehouses for you in accordance with your wishes.

Flexibility also means that you can acquire a plot and build on it yourself if you want. Contact us, today or anytime that is convenient for you.

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Industry and manufacturing

Mioni Industrial Park is the perfect growth platform for heavy-duty international organizations and expansion-oriented SMEs alike. Our largest plot of land includes a railway branch to transport your products all the way to Asia.

Offices and business premises

Premises to suit your business We design your facilities in Mioni Industrial Park according to your wishes, always meeting the requirements of a modern workplace.

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