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Totally carbon-neutral industrial park. The first in Finland.
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Sustainable growth and development – Mioni Sustain

Our goal is to develop Mioni Industrial Park into a completely carbon-neutral industrial park – the first in Finland. Energy efficiency and smart solutions guide everything we do. In addition to cost savings in the maintenance of your premises, environmental thinking can mean a real competitive edge for you.

Circular economy and green innovations are the future norm, but here they are reality today. For growth-oriented companies, Mioni Industrial Park’s partners with their understanding of sustainable business provide a unique competitive advantage. Nationally and internationally.

South Karelia constitutes the world’s largest cluster of renewable forest industry. The metal industry also opens remarkable opportunities for cooperation in sustainable development.

You can benefit from all of the knowledge and skills possessed by the local companies and research institutes on sustainable industry, technology and innovation. Here we focus intently on networking.

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Smart property development

We apply advanced innovations and methods in building, property development and energy solutions. All of our choices are based on the most efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions possible. Energy efficiency not only saves the environment but also your costs.

You will not waste energy either

Mioni Industrial Park has a heat and power distribution network of its own. We utilize renewable forms of energy: solar power and ground heat. We also offer charging points for electric cars. Sharing cars is not only environmentally friendly but also a more cost-efficient means of transport. The electricity trade is also possible in the area. New solutions for the benefit of the environment and companies are continuously developed.

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    LUT provides opportunities for research and development cooperation

    The internationally awarded LUT Green Campus is one of our most important partners. The university is a forerunner in circular economy, energy and environmental technology and innovation. We can harness this competence for your use as applicable – whether it is related to research, development or human resources. The higher education institutes in the region, LUT and Saimia, produce over 1,500 enthusiastic and skilled graduates each year. We will naturally help you with recruitment.

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